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Artist Statement

The environment plays a huge role in my artwork. I grew up close to the rainforest in Brazil. I noted the changes in the forests and beaches over the years. Working with plants, along with painting and printmaking, bring back the memory of my connection with nature and the importance of it in our mental well-being.

My art depicts the changing of seasons, interactions between plants and animals, and how humans relate to the natural world and each other.

Through my art I attempt to capture and convey a sense of the beauty and complex interactions that make up the natural world. Other living things are trying to tell us their story and I am always seeking to perceive that story and pass it on to others.

I hope to evoke memories of nature, but also a desire in viewers to go out and experience these things for themselves.
Basing my recent work in block prints, I carve my designs in linoleum. Sometimes the prints are turned into repeats.


A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fabiana Touhey is an artist and designer who currently lives and works in New Jersey.

The sights and sounds of the big city were always part of her life. She also spent time at the Sao Paulo shore, however, in the midst of a rainforest along the coast. Later Fabiana would major in Fashion in Sao Paulo, and study Textile Design at FIT in NYC.

She has exhibited work at The Watercolor Juried Show at the Monmouth Museum in New Jersey, and at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC for The New York Encounter Culture Festival. She has four paintings on permanent display at Mediterranean Shipping Company in NYC, and prints included in Uppercase Magazine issues 49 and 50.

Presently, Fabiana is working on her master’s degree in Fine Arts Studio - Printmaking and working on collaborative projects. She is also a member of SAGA, Society of American Graphic Artists in NYC.

Each of her pieces tells a story about the living world and our relationship with it in order to bring visual delight and a renewed sense of connection with nature.

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